Upcoming Redesign (again)

August 18, 2023

This site was redesigned last around March of this year, but I am already getting tired of the neon green. It looks cool but I don't think it really suits my brand. I want to make something more permanent and fitting. I am considering using color less, and having a light/dark mode option, with the same accent color available over the light or dark. I want to go for a 2000s "Frutiger Aero" look and I want to make the site more interesting to navigate (which will probably make it a lot worse for mobile users, oh well). For the font, I am gonna go for something more plain.

The timeframe for the redesign could take until the end of this year, as I have a lot of other work to do with school starting back up in September. However, this will be the best redesign yet. If I don't go for a Frutiger Aero zen look, I might go for something more grungy. I like to compare the potential looks to music, so the zen theme would be like 2003 Toyota Corolla and the grungy look would be more like Machine Girl. For inspiration I am going to be looking at a lot of sites made by the old company 2advanced Studios. I recommend you check out their old websites, as they are incredible (although made with flash). I want to use purely CSS and HTML but I am still going to go for some flashy transitions, hopefully without the use of JS. I want to make the site feel lighter and more professional while still maintaining an interesting look and navigation experience. Get excited for the upcoming changes!

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