Why we are NOT an IP grabber

August 18, 2023

Due to how networking works, all websites receive your IP when you visit them. Therefore, my website COULD grab your IP if I wanted it to. And technically, it does receive this information, but it does not pass it onto me. My web server logs IPs but due to going through Cloudflare's proxy, the IPs it logs only belong to Cloudflare, not the user. It is possible for me to get your actual IP through the CF-Connecting-IP header, but I don't do this. The only places I do get your actual IP (and not in a personal way) are on the imageboard C-Channel, and the admin.act25.com page. The admin page only gets it and shows it to you. It doesn't log it and I don't see it or get notified. C-Channel associates IPs with posts so that I can ban people if they break the rules, but I do not pay attention to the actual IPs and I only see them when banning people. I won't leak or "grab" your IP address, because that's mean!

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ANTAGONIST Aug 18 2023 2:45 PM
hello you two :3

weirdcease Aug 18 2023 10:19 AM
haiiiiii aly >:3

aly<3 Aug 18 2023 10:18 AM
haiiii original gansger :3
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