Wild Green

March 2, 2023

As you can see, I have updated the site's theme. Going for an wild acid green color with this space pirate font, Alagard. The background is from OMORI and it's a bit of a callback to how this site looked last year. If you missed it, it was all OMORI backgrounds with the theme switcher. Also, I have removed the theme switcher. I will make a static-only archive of the previous site's looks soon, if you want to see the old themes again. The reason I removed it is so the site has an overall theme that people associate with my brand. It won't stay the same forever, because that's boring, but I at least want people to have a consistent experience. Themes make more sense for social media. Also, I removed The Meal button, but I will probably add it back in some secret way, it's just too silly to display a cat burger next to the title on EVERY page...

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test May 20 2023 1:07 PM
i changed the db function

test Apr 26 2023 10:28 PM

weirdcease Mar 2 2023 7:49 PM
Thanks Lucid and anon!

Lucid Mar 2 2023 6:29 PM
Nice website, I can't remember the other theme but this looks pretty cool imo. Good job!

anonymous Mar 2 2023 5:09 PM
The meal:
font is Alagard • background is from OMORI (recolored) • everything else (c) 2020-2023 weirdcease <3 • donate