New Header

January 16, 2023

You probably notice the new ASCII art header on all the pages. It's a work in progress and part of the site's upcoming redesign. You can hover over it for a cool rainbow effect, and click it to go to the home page (finally). Also, it's supposed to bob up and down, but this may not work in all browsers yet. I plan to make more reactive and animated features of the website soon, along with the changes I described in the previous blog post. Today marks the under construction period of the site's redesign. Things will probably be a bit glitchy as I am slowly redecorating the site. I have a lot of sloppy CSS and inconsistencies in the code to fix, and I will keep the 1 or 2 readers of my blog posted (I like to pretend more people look at this site heh).

I got this ASCII FIGlet font from here:

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